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  1. What is International Steel Structures LLC (ISS)? ISS is an American based privately held company that specializes in the advancement and innovation of building technology. The Mobile Production Facility (MPF) is the cutting edge building product that ISS is introducing to the world.
  2. What is the ISS building technology? The ISS building technology is an integrated structural component and mobile building system that functions independently and is built on site anywhere in the world, using its own Mobile Production Facility (MPF). This technology will exceed the building/construction industry as well, expanding the quality of all structures built.
  3. What structures can be built using the ISS building technology? Single family homes, townhomes, condo buildings, apartments, hotels/motels, office buildings, schools, shopping centers, hospitals, military bases, biofuel plants, and correctional facilities are the types of structures that can be built using the ISS building technology.
  4. What makes the ISS building technology innovative? Mobility and speed of production are two key components that make the ISS building technology innovative. Also, the structural components systems used by the ISS building technology, exceed existing building requirements as well as environmental conditions.
  5. How can the ISS building technology help the world? With 1.6 billion people in the world living in substandard housing and another 100 million homeless, there is a vast need to enhance the speed of building production as well, expanding the structural integrity.  The ISS building technology provides a viable solution to reducing the global housing needs in an efficient and effective manner.
  6. What are the main benefits of using the ISS building technology? The main benefits of using the ISS building technology are strength in design, functionality, precision engineering, flexibility, and curvilinear design. With the ISS building technology, local building code requirements are exceeded, and provide compliance with environmental conditions such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes. Energy conservation requirements are also met.
  7. How safe is the finished structures built from ISS building technology? Finished structures built from the ISS building technology are engineered to exceed building code requirements and more importantly, to withstand elements of Mother Nature such as earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Speed is a vital benefit in using the ISS building technology, but the safety aspects are what are most important.
  8.  How many stories high can a structure built from ISS building technology be? The heights of all structures are dependent on basic site conditions:  boundary, zoning, building, soil, water, and most of all, climatic conditions.
  9.  How quickly can a structure be built using the ISS building technology? As far as building the tubular structure on a site, the timing is based on hours. The site conditions, boundaries, footings, and stem walls, typically are longer and dependent on the total structural components as to total units, size, and height. Typically, footings and shear walls go in place within six weeks. Thereafter, the tubular units are placed within hours and the interior completed within the week. Thus the total timing is based on the total project as to how the developer allow for inhabitation of each unit.
  10. Who are the leaders of ISS?
    Bob Koger – Principal/Chief Architect & Founder 
    Mark Smith – Principal/Licensing & Operations – Principal/Business Development
  11. How can someone or a company gain access to use the ISS building technology? Currently, we are seeking alliances globally in which ISS will license the building technology to ready, willing, and capable individuals or companies to partner with us in presenting this gift to the world. For more information regarding this, please email us at mark@isstubes.com or call us at Mark Smith (737) 230-7983 or Bob Koger (305) 916-1855