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Company History
It has been often said that when life gives you lemon, make lemonade. That is just what Bob Koger, Founder and Chief Architect of International Steel Structures (ISS) set out to do in 1992. Koger’s life was impacted forever when Hurricane Andrew unleashed its fury on South Florida in 1992. Koger lost his beloved wife and his home was destroyed from the devastating blows of Hurricane Andrew. This tragedy inspired Koger to design a structural system that would safe guard life and property from nature’s fury. Hence the birth of ISS.

In 1996, Koger was introduced to Mark Smith, and presented the ISS mobile building system to him. Smith was very impressed with Koger's vision and joined Koger’s mission to explore all the possibilities. The vision of building homes, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and apartment buildings world-over, had affixed to their lives of someday making this a reality. In 2008, Koger and Smith intensified the action and planning, of bringing ISS technology to the world.

The Mobile Production Facility or MPF has revolutionized on site development. This modern marvel is geared to construct 14 ft. to 24 ft. diameter with tubular lengths spanning 50 ft. on-site with remarkable production capabilities. With the variation of sizes and diameters it can construct a complete insulated structure within hours ready to be placed in shear walls for homes, schools, office and apartment complexes, hospitals and much more can be constructed anywhere world over. The MPF in all accounts may be the best solution the world needs to construct housing world-over to date.

Koger and Smith knew International Steel Structures had to expand its vision, and think global. Smith began to envision building sustainable communities worldwide. Koger felt that Smith's involvement would play a factor in the overall design of ISS sustainable models. Smith's background in steel prefabrication design and his knowledge of organic fertilizers has played a factor in ISS sustainable model, as to the design and needs of sustaining living communities.

During ISS's growing process and on behalf of ISS we're entertaining global partnerships.

From ISS team’s point of view of building, selling, and placing people in strategic roles, ISS has engaged in expanding its role as a building technology licensing company world over. Forming alliances with international developers and foreign governments has propelled ISS to a whole new realm of possibilities. ISS’s goal is to create a standard of how the world constructs safe environmental structures. ISS is ready to share with the world it innovative and cutting edge building system.