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Detail Benefits
Design for and by the people to solve their particular needs from a single family home to a complete city.
This tubular structure was designed in order to protect you from environmental weather conditions or seismic conditions.
The tubular form will resist stronger wind loads, protect from collapsing on those inside.
Resistance from heavy rains, snow, hail, and even fire will be protected from its damaging force. The design functions of a tubular structure are separated as individual units, thus providing protection in case of natural and unnatural events.
All plumbing, electrical, and mechanical will be placed below the finished floor level with-in the crawl space.
Flow of air conditioning and heat in a tubular structure has fewer restrictions than a conventional box structure.
Process of construction is measured in hours, not months.
This structure can be placed underground, meet flood zones requirements, or be placed in medium rise structures. You can build single or double floors in a single tubular structure.
One can design and build according to size, square footage and length, and partitions and rooms can be arranged in any way that meets your needs.
Single family homes, townhomes, duplexes, hotels and motels, apartments, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, and correctional facilities are a few types of structures that can be used world over with our technology.