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About Us

International Steel Structures (ISS) is a privately held company based in the United States of America. ISS’s founder and chief architect, Bob Koger, developed a mobile building system called the Mobile Production Facility or MPF. Koger was inspired from an ancient invention, “The Arch”, to which he applied the science and then added the mobilization to it, hence the birth of the MPF. 

With over 20 years of perfecting, the ISS building technology is ready to facilitate to the world, an innovative and cutting edge building system that will enhance the protection for people from nature’s fury, from earthquakes to high winds.

Hospitals, schools, hotels, multi-family apartments, single family homes, townhomes, correctional facilities, etc., can all be built in a quick and efficient way using the ISS building technology. More importantly, the structural integrity is not compromised.

  • For indepth technical information please call or email Mr. Bob Koger @ (305) 666-1103 or bob@ISStubes.com
  • Please watch the video for more insight on the ISS building technology